History & Legacy




Manufacturing Units


St. George’s Homoeopathy, Mangaluru is a revered institution that came into being in 1945 through the vision of its founding couple, Dr. Joseph Zacharias and Dr. Mary Zacharias, who offered to the people of the coastal belt of Karnataka the opportunity of enjoying the Healing Power of the alternative medicine. Since then there has been no looking back and today St. George’s Homoeopathy is a name to be reckoned with in not only Mangalore but also through the length and breadth of India.


Carrying forth the legacy of trust are Dr. Abraham Zacharias and Dr. Sophia Zacharias, both qualified homoeopathic physicians. Dr. Abraham Zacharias has made the whole homoeopathic fraternity proud and has quelled the voice of misgiving about the concept of alternative healing. A state of the Art manufacturing unit at Padil, the first ever GMP-compliant unit in Karnataka, Mangaluru with improved infrastructure, GMP norms and other accessories integral to quality enhancement was started in 2006 by Dr. Sophia Zacharias. Her far sighedness, vast knowledge and stringent quality control measures has been instrumental in the rise of St. George’s as a GMP manufacturing unit. Neil Zacharias has followed the footsteps of his parents to take St. George’s Homoeopathy to every nook and corner of the country.

Homoeopathic Manufacturing Unit

St. George’s Homoeopathy manufactures Homoeopathic Dilutions, Mother Tinctures, Bach Flower Remedies and other specialities under controlled conditions to ensure purity and efficacy.

A second GMP certified unit at Benjanapadav was started under the supervision and guidance of Mr.Neil Zacharias in the year 2011.This unit which manufactures Biochemic Tablets and Triturations, Homoeopathic Triturations and Tablets, Ointments and other formulations is a testimony to the distinction and growth that this institution has pursued. St. George’s Homoeopathy has been able to witness a phenomenal growth because of its belief that the goodness of a product is never determined by its cost or its perceived value by others, but by its adherence to fineness.

Today we are in the line of construction of our third unit at Benjinapadav covering an area of 50000 sq.feet where bulk manufacturing of Mother Tinctures , Dilutions, Tablets and Patent Products will be done.

Effectiveness of Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy occupies the first place in the country as an alternative system of medicine. Its holistic treatment is now acknowledged by the mainstream systems of medicine as significant. Today homoeopathic system of medicine is widely practised and is more popular in India than anywhere else in the world. Sustained efforts by established manufacturers all these decades, easy accessibility of the physicians and the cost effectiveness of the medicines in giving permanent cure to the diseases have been the decisive factors in increasing the fame of homoeopathy. Its philosophy of holistic treatment is now acknowledged by the main stream medicine as significant. However, today the edifice of homoeopathy is exposed to the danger of blows from both external governmental and non-governmental quarters and from within, making the trade and the profession unstable.

Don’t degrade homoeopathy by saying that it is used only for minor ailments like cough, cold, fever. Homoeopathy is meant for something more challenging. “you can give intelligence to mentally retarded, speech to dumb, hearing to deaf, sight to blind, and make physically disabled walk. you can also make tumours and cancers disappear. In fact the scope of homoeopathy begins where the scope of other science ends. Homoeopathy is easy and predictable if practised correctly.

Manufacturing Processes

GMP is one of the best policies that have been brought into the homoeopathic manufacturing arena. It is gratifying that the Government has taken strict measures to ensure that the manufacturing units comply with the GMP standards. This ascertains that the manufacturing units maintain proper hygiene and produce quality homoeopathic drugs.


Standing strong in spite of challenges

Homoeopathy is going through a lot of suppression for the past many years. The more any system of medicine tries to bring down Homoeopathy the more it is bouncing back with full power. It is in this volatile field of Homoeopathy that St. George’s has been operating successfully for the past 79 years. St. George’s has withstood a lot of trials and tribulations and has remained invincible despite stiff competition. Its bedrock principles have earned for it an untarnished image of credibility and St George’s Homoeopathy is now a household name in India.

Quality Medicines

At St. George’s Homoeopathy, we have been able to maintain our customer base because of our insistence on quality and good customer relationships. Our focus has always been on the sanctity of this divine system of treatment. We intend to broaden our customer base in the future by spreading our wings all over India through a dealer’s network. This is our soul mission as per today. We believe that there is no point in having Amrut but kept in the safe. Our formost intension is to have Amrut reach to every Docrors hands and from there for patients healing.

Today St. George’s Homoeopathy is a name to be reckoned with not only in Mangaluru but also through the length and breadth of the country. It is in the forefront of supplying medications to boost people’s Immunity against the Covid-19 pandemic, as per recommendations of the Ministry of AYUSH.

“Come Let’s all join hands to improve India’s Immunity to fight against Pandemics.”