Generic Products


Dilutions are very prominent in Homoeopathy since they are used widely in the treatment of a wide range of diseases.

Mother Tinctures

St. George’s Mother tinctures has been approved and acclaimed by the profession as the most effective and of superior quality.

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach flower remedies were discovered by Dr. Bach, homeopath and consultant. He dedicated his life to discover 38 wild flower remedies, widely used in the treatment of mental illness and for personal empowerment.

LM Potencies

An important potency in Homeopathy. St. George’s keenly follows the principle enunciated by Dr. Hahnemann in the manufacturing of Fifty Millesimal Potencies. Derived its name from the proportion of medicine to alcohol (1 to 50,000) Fifty Millesimal Potencies are regarded as the highest advancement in Homeopathy till date.

Nosodes & Sarcodes

These medicines involve complex manufacturing procedures and are well for their curative powers. St. George’s reputation in manufacturing Nosodes, Bowel Nosodes, and sarcodes is unparalleled.

Tablets & Trituration

Homoeo Tablet

Homoeo tablets are homoeo triturations made into tablet form. 

Homoeo Trituration

Triturations are medicines in powder form. In Homoeopathy, Triturations hold a special place as they have the capacity to get absorbed into the body quickly.

Bio Chemic Tablet & Trituration

The body contains around 12 biochemical minerals. Any imbalance in these minerals can create a favourable environment for bacterial growth and increase the risk of illness.

Bio Combination Tablet

The body contains around 12 biochemical minerals. The 12 biochemical minerals are mixed in different combinations to produce 28 different Bio Combination medicines.


Under supervision of expert doctors, homoeopathic medicines are combined in different potencies for different diseases to produce homoeo combination tablets. Similiarly tissue combination medicines [biochemic medicines] are combined in different potencies to form tissue combination tablets which is used for different diseases. They have been found very effective in complicated diseases , where the symptoms indicate two or more remedies. To get the desired results , these remedies should be used for a long period.


Tonics, Hair Oil & External Applications

Tonics are medicinal substance taken to give a feeling of vigour & well-being that increases the body tone that invigorates, restores, refreshes and stimulates. Hair oil thickens the hair, reduces hair fall, prevents dry scalp and cures dandruff. All true medical treatment of a disease that done on the external part of the body. These are done by External Applications.

Specialty Ointments

Specialty ointments are special preparations of combined medicines in ointment form . very effective and user friendly.


When it comes to ensuring quality of its ointments, St. George’s stands apart from the rest. All our ointments are Petroleum Jelly based and only high quality PetroJel is used for the purpose of manufacturing ointments.

Homoeo Soaps

Merry gold soaps maintain the texture and elasticity of the skin thus preventing ageing of the skin.

Specialty Tablets

Specialty tablets are special combinations produced for different diseases.  This is created after long term of research by eminent doctors all over India. This caters to the needs of patients with ease. Specialty drops are converted into specialty tablets for easy dispensing.

Specialty Drops

Specialty drops are special combinations produced for different diseases. This is created after long term of research by eminent doctors all over India. This caters to the needs of patients with ease. 

Veterinary Medicines

Veterinary Medicines

Homoeopathy is provied to be an ideal method of treatment of animals. As a holistic veterinary medicinal system, it has been gaining ground all over the world. Comparing with the expensive chemical based medicines, homoeopathic veterinary medicine is a safe and effective alternative.