Female Problems

While both men and women contract various conditions, some health issues affect women differently and more commonly. Furthermore, many women’s health conditions go undiagnosed and most drug trials do not include female test subjects. Even so, women bear exclusive health concerns, such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, menopause, and pregnancy. Women suffer higher heart attack deaths compared to men. Depression and anxiety exhibit more frequently among female patients. Urinary tract conditions present more often in females, and sexually transmitted diseases can cause more harm to women. Among the conditions that present most frequently in women.  

The following eight illnesses pose considerable health risks. 

1. Breast cancer 
2. Ovarian and cervical cancer 
3. Gynecological health 
4. Pregnancy issues 
5. Autoimmune diseases 

Autoimmune disease occurs when body cells that eliminate threats, such as viruses, attack healthy cells.  As this condition continues to escalate among the population, researchers remain baffled as to why the condition affects mostly women. While many distinct autoimmune diseases exist, most share symptoms such as: 

Mild fever 
Skin irritation 

Most of the autoimmune system rests in the stomach. 

However, the best defense against autoimmune disease is early detection.

6. Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis weakens bones, allowing them to break easily.  Several factors can cause the condition that occurs mostly in women, such as:

  • Age 
  • Alcohol consumption 
  • Certain prescriptions 
  • Genetics 
  • Lack of exercise 
  • Low body mass 
  • Smoking 
  • Steroid use 

7. Depression and anxiety 

8. Health technology for women 

Women can lower the risk for cancers and other common illnesses with healthy habits and regular care provider visits. 

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